About Us

Our Wee Shop Organics opened in April 2013 in a small room of a restored shed in Ruby Bay. The shop is located on our property and is a bit like our extended pantry. My passion is natural medicine (which I'm currently studying). My idea of Organic goes deeper than the shop, it permeates our life spiritually, emotionally and physically and I love sharing the little I know.


The Wee Shop Organics offers a range of certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables. These are usually seasonal and are sourced locally where possible. The shop also sells a large number of top quality wholefoods such as branded or bulk bin wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and superfoods and fresh or dried herbs and spices. In addition there is a wide range of healthy oils, beverages such as teas and cold drinks, condiments, ice cream and vitamin supplements. These are all carefully selected and sourced, hoping to get only the best possible products within each category because the shop is so...wee.


In the same building Seija has established ‘The Big Room’. This is a vibrant learning center for artistic, personal and spiritual development. Classes are led by experts and cover a range of topics including Mindfulness Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Qi gong. Just like The Wee Shop Organics, ‘Big Room’ is constantly adapting its offerings to cater for growing demand in the local community.

Big Room - pillows