Insect Repellent, 50ml

Insect Repellent, 50ml

Feel Better Essential


This Insect Repellent is blended from essential oils in a Sunflower carrier.

The main ingredients are Kanuka and Lemongrass.

The Sunflower carrier allows for a smooth and easy application and is suitable for the use on the face.

A great natural solution to be free of those pesky pests!

Sandflies - Mosquitoes - Ticks

Suitable for all ages and made with love and knowledge, developed by a qualified Aromatherapist.


Apply to exposed areas , careful around the eyes ! 

Could stain clothes as blended with natural sunflower oil for the benfits to your skin.


Keep out of reach of children , for external use only.


> This product might also be useful after a long day tramping for those sore muscles , apply and massage into affected areas < 




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